Tips on How to Prepare For a Hospitality Job Recruitment Interview


Are you pursuing a career in the hospitality department? You have cleared all your written examinations and it is time to look for a job and there is no one more nervous than you are. It is going to be your first interview and you have no clue what the interviewer is going to ask and what you should answer. First things first, there will be various posts available for hospitality job recruitment and you need to be prepared for everything. You should have a basic idea of all the departments so that when you are asked about the functions and your role for a particular department, you can explain it instantly. Apart from the in-depth questions about various hospitality departments, there are several others tricky questions that you need to be prepared to answer. Here is a quick guide that will help:

1.            How will you handle an angry or unhappy guest? 

So, the very first question that is shot at you by one of the interviewers right after your introduction is how will you handle an unhappy guest. This is one of the toughies to answer because if you don’t have any experience with an unhappy guest, it will be hard to explain how you will handle that person. In such a situation, you will have to go back to the basics of what was taught to you at the time of helping a customer; that customers are always right. So, you can frame your answer in a way where you will listen to the grievances of the customer patiently. Ask him/her what he/she wants to make the situation better. If the conditions are against the rules and regulations of the company, you will contact your supervisor immediately after informing the guest and then come up with a solution. There shouldn’t be a moment when you argue or cross-question the guest.

2.            What if your co-worker is not agreeing with you? 

Hospitality job recruitment comes with various types of situations that are very practical in real life. One such question will be if your co-worker is not agreeing with what you have to say, then what will be your course of action? One of the first things that you learn about hospitality is that it is a team game and no individual will be able to outshine others to be in the spotlight. You will have to maintain a good relationship with all the others in your team to make the teamwork successful. So, if a co-worker does not agree with your decisions or is doing exactly the opposite of what you are saying or asking him/her to do, you should try to understand why they are doing the opposite. You can get into a room to discuss which option is better for the guest. If both of you are ready to fix on a particular decision, the problem is solved. But if both of you are not going to change what you think, then go to the supervisor and present both the options and see what he/she decides. That is the most peaceful and logical way of closing an argument with your co-worker.


3.            Why do you want to work for the particular hotel? 

Suppose a particular hotel has a hospitality job recruitment opening and you are applying for the said position. You are asked on the day of the interview that why you have chosen to work for that hotel instead of others? Before you answer this question, you will have to do a background check on the hotel where you are applying for the job. Go through their website and see what the vision of the hotel is, what they intend to do for the guests, what press releases they have published till date, and what the future plans of the hotel are. Your response should satisfy all these points so that the interviewers are impressed in the first instance. You shouldn’t fumble with your answer saying that the hotel is good looking and things like that. These are lame answers that you need to avoid at every stage of the interview.

4.            What do you understand by good guest service? 

Although this might seem to be a general question your answer should be according to what the interviewers want to hear. Hospitality job recruitment means you will have to keep your guests happy all the time and your first and last objective will be customer service. This question is a ubiquitous one and can be asked at the administrative level and also to someone who will be recruited as a receptionist. Your answer should not be just customer service. An excellent way to impress the interviewers is by telling them about the steps that the hotel wants to take or promises to customers regarding customer service and how they will keep the customers happy. You shouldn’t mention the name of the hotel at any time, but your answer should be well crafted so that the interviewers do not understand that you are quoting stuff from their website. It will be best if you can appreciate the vision and mission of the hotel first and then answer the same in your own words.


5.            Why should we hire you? 

Probably, the most cliché question that is asked in an interview is why the company should hire you. This is the same for the hospitality department too. After answering all the questions correctly, if you are asked this, it will be quite tricky to answer but if you can showcase your skills and ability to tackle the challenges even while having a positive relationship with our co-workers and supervisor, that will help the interviewers to understand that you are prepared enough for the job.

There will be questions from core hospitality departments, but the above questions are the ones that can put you in a spot of bother. Your main aim should be to stay calm and follow the instructions given here to ensure that you crack the interview with flying colours.

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Things To Do Before Eating At The Royal Spice Restaurant Kilkenny

Kilkenny is one of the largest towns in Ireland and is packed full of incredible tourist attractions. Visitors flock from around the world to see the Rothe House, Kilkenny Castle, and Black Abbey. While there, they have access to unique shops and delicious restaurants. The Royal Spice restaurant Kilkenny has become a favourite with the tourists over the past few years.

 A Brief History Of Kilkenny 

The name Kilkenny comes from the Irish phrase Cill Chainnigh which translates to Church of Canice. It has been registered as a city in Ireland for more than 400 years but is still technically a large town rather than an actual city. The history of the town can be traced back much further than this 400 years.

The origins of the town lie in the sixth century when a church was built to honour St.Canice. That church was later replaced with St. Canice’s Cathedral, which is yet another tourist destination in the town. The church was very small for the first few centuries, but as the 11th century rolled around it began to attract more attention and more visitors.

The land and the church would change ownership over the centuries as various leaders took control of the region. The castle often played host to royalty, such as James II of England, who often spent his winter months in Kilkenny.

Today, the town is far more lively than it ever was. This is primarily due to a large number of tourists that arrive on a regular basis. There are a number of festivals and events that take place on an annual basis; attracting even more visitors than usual.

 The Local Festivals 

The two annual festivals of most importance are the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival and the Kilkenny Arts Week Festival. The Cat Laughs festival has become so popular that residents of the town are often referred to as, the cats. It has taken place each year during the first weekend of June starting in 1994.

The comedy festival serves as an outlet for Irish comedic talent that often has no outlet for expression. Unlike some comedy festivals, the atmosphere is very relaxed and there is no competition between participants. Comedians simply strive to express themselves and earn a laugh from their audience. In the past, the festival only hosted a small number of local performers, but today it is a much larger spectacle that attracts national attention and talent from across the country.

 The Kilkenny Arts Festival has been taking place since 1974 and perhaps attracts an even larger audience than the comedy festival. It focuses on a number of art styles, including dance, music, theatre, crafts, literature, and the visual arts. Local artists, as well as artists from around the world, come to the festival to display their talents.

The art festival takes place during the month of August, which puts it roughly two months after the comedy festival. Visiting for both of these festivals is a great way to experience the immense culture that resides within Kilkenny. It will also give you an opportunity to visit all of the landmarks and enjoy your favourite restaurants, like the Royal Spice restaurant in Kilkenny, a second time.

 Landmarks To Visit 

There is a long list of attractions that demand attention while in the town, but a few landmarks that you absolutely must not miss. The most significant landmarks in the area are often centuries old, feature rich histories, and are accessible to the public. These include cathedrals, castles, and abbeys. Of course, should still make time to visit the smaller attractions, such as the many art workshops, the theatres, and the museum, and the gardens.

Most would agree that the Kilkenny Castle is the main attraction. Construction on the castle began in 1195 and was completed in 1213. It was built to control a specific point on the River Nore. At the time of its construction, it was an extremely important part of the defence of the local area.

In 1967, the castle as sold to the people of Kilkenny for £50 and is now maintained by the Office of Public Works. The nearby garden and parkland are usually open to the public. Parts of the castle are often used as venues for conferences or large events.

The Black Abbey was established barely more than a decade after the castle was constructed. It is a Catholic Priory of the Dominican Order. The name is based on the term Black Friars, which are members of the Dominican Order who often wear black cloaks.

The abbey was originally built outside of the city walls because the town was divided between Irish and English settlers at the time. The neutral location of the abbey was meant to symbolize its independence from either group. Unfortunately, the location of the abbey was poorly chosen and the building often floods due to the nearby river.

Having a chance to visit some of the most impressive landmarks in the world doesn’t matter much if you can’t enjoy a good meal while you are there. There are a handful of unique restaurants in the area, but none can compare to the authentic Indian taste of Royal Spice.

 Royal Spice Restaurant Kilkenny 

Royal Spice is one of the few restaurants in Ireland that offers a diverse Indian menu with authentic flavours. It has won a Foodie Destinations 2018 Award from Kilkenny Tourism and often finds itself packed full during festival times.

Their menu includes a number of a la carte options, fine wines, vegetarian and vegan selections, early bird specials, and traditional Indian entrees. Their food choices do not originate from a single region of India. Rather, they include selections from a number of different Indian regions as well as Bangladesh. Most of these meals are true to their original form, though the master chef at work is known to add a signature touch to certain speciality dishes.

Kilkenny has so much to offer visitors. You can spend a week enjoying a festival while exploring ancient castles and beautiful gardens. But no matter what you decide to do, you absolutely need to take the time to sample the local restaurants. The Royal Spice restaurant Kilkenny should be at the top of your list.

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Animal Feed, Default

Food Services for Animal and Chicken feeds

Do you wish to venture into the animal and chicken feeds business or planning to rear chicken and other livestock? If yes, you are at the right place. Animals are quite delicate in that you need to properly feed them to reap high-quality products and increased quantity. Poultry farming has drastically increased because of its potential to generate more income. Let us start off by talking about those planning to become suppliers. Anyone can venture into this business provided he/she has enough capital to purchase various stock. People expect suppliers of chicken feed to have stock throughout the year. The first step involves deciding on the capital. Capital influences the market size and the number of stock to purchase.

The second step involves finding a perfect spot to establish your business. The selected location should provide healthy competition. Healthy competition enables service providers to generate a reasonable profit. There are two types of business investors who wish to venture in the business. There are those with background training on feeds and those without any training. People without any training should hire competent and highly trained employees. The third and last step involves acquiring the necessary documents and licenses that permit you to buy and sell them.

Rearing animals and chickens

As earlier stated, this business generates a lot of income. They contain different nutrient levels. A person should select a service provider who has enough knowledge of the products. Here are tips to help a person select a perfect dealer out of the list of the suppliers of chicken feeds:

  • Checking out the products a dealer sells. Different poultry has different needs. There are different products a person can choose from. A person should choose a supplier who deals with the selected product.
  • Checking out their rates-rates can vary, depending on the dealer. A person should select a dealer who is affordable and within his budget. The dealer you select determines the quantity you will buy.
  • Reputation-Some people have tight delivery schedules. Such people need a constant supply. A person should select a supplier who has a perfect reputation when it comes to timely delivery. Timely delivery helps keep a constant supply of products.

Advantages of using food services

There are some people who prefer using animal products. There are many advantages associated with the use processed substitutes.First, these products have been tried and tested. They help people get desired results within a short period. There are two types, namely for broilers and layers. There have been cases where the demands exceed the actual products. They can increase the growth rate and the number of eggs a chicken lays. In short processed feeds allow a person to meet the market’s demand. There are some processed meals that help animals regain their lost productivity. Studies have revealed animals can easily regain their lost productivity through animal food. Farmers can find nutrients livestock need. Thirdly, purchasing processed feeds is simple and easy compared to moving around looking for natural. Moving on, processed meals are clean and safe for human consumption. There have been cases of animals and birds falling sick or even dying because of eating dirty or contaminated meals. Farmers can avoid extra medical costs by purchasing processed meals from licensed dealers.

Characteristics of top service providers

As we all know, there are many suppliers of chicken feeds in the market. There are many things a business person needs to do to stand out from his/her fellow competitors. Here are some characteristics of top service providers:

This is the first thing a client should inquire before he/she transacts with any particular Company. Reliability ranges from timely deliveries and delivering the right quantity of order. Top service providers also offer emergency services to people who need them on time. Studies have revealed reliable service providers attract a lot of clients.

Digitized services
The current business world is evolving at a high rate and becoming digitized. Studies have revealed many people are using the internet to carry out transactions. Digitized services make it easy for clients to purchase the selected animal and feed from their comfort zone.

A perfect delivery service
Service providers need transportation services to deliver orders to their clients. Service providers should ensure they have a perfect delivery service that allows them to deliver orders on time while in perfect conditions.

A reliable payment system
It important to establish a perfect payment system. This mostly applies to online services. There are some cases where people lose money while paying for products. A reliable payment system should be capable of tracing clients’ money in case they disappear.

Let us shift our gears and look at things a person should focus on selecting a perfect dealer from the list of suppliers of chicken feeds. Farmers rearing livestock should consult an expert before purchasing any feed. As we all know, there are many a person can choose from. Farmers should consult a service provider with many years experience. Such experts have gained a wide knowledge to assist their clients.
Secondly, a person should check out a product before they purchase it. This is in terms of what it contains, the purpose it serves and how it is used among others. Wrong use of a selected animal feed can prevent you from achieving maximum results. Confirming a product ensures you purchase the right product for your chickens.
The third step involves analyzing your market demands. This is in terms of the number of customers to the amount of product you need per day. A rough estimation of the above information helps a person plan on the amount of money he/she needs to spend after a certain interval. Planning is the secret to the success of a business.

We hope the above guidelines can help you establish your desired feed business.

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Fleet Insurance for Food Industry Vehicles

There are many businesses that cannot function without the vehicles, whether it is a fleet car, industrial vehicles or even vans. So, you might want to know what the fleet vehicles are. The fleet vehicles are the groups of motor vehicles that are either owned or rented by the government and non-government organizations and families. The general examples of fleet vehicles are the cars that are operated by the rental companies, taxicab organizations, public necessities, police department, etc. In addition to this, the fleet vehicles also take part in delivering good including food to the customers.  The people of the food industries often travel on these fleet vehicles to provide food from one home to another. The fleet vehicles are managed by the fleet managers or the transport managers. Many businesses these days own a number of cars, Lorries, and vans and the business are entirely dependent on these businesses. If you are managing a food industry, then it is a must for you to know about the fleet coverage.

What is a fleet coverage? Fleet coverage is the efficient bulk purchasing of coverage from a single supplier which is rewarded with a discount. Fleet coverage covers both the small and large vehicles used for the commercial purposes. Through fleet coverage, you can insure three cars under single coverage. The worth of your business fleet can be anything, from thousand dollars to even million dollars. The best thing about this coverage is you can enjoy reduced premium as well as hours of administration turning the process a lot more manageable. If you have a new car and you want to use it for delivering of foods to different organizations including residents and offices, then you can choose either fleet insurance or new car insurance policy. The fleet insurance companies have made the policies in such a way that it is more efficient as well as more manageable than having numerous separate indemnification policies for different vehicles. Fortunately, the brokers of specialist indemnification decrease the burden of the fleet indemnification by the increase of the flexibility of the policies for covering an assortment of cars and drivers under the single indemnification policy. You will not need new car insurance policy for your new cars if you choose fleet indemnification for your food delivering company.

Policies to cover food delivery

To get the best insurance company for your needs, you require taking into account the size of your fleet and assessing the frequency of usage of the cars. Each of these factors will influence the costs of your fleet. As now you know this information now you will know your requirements and will not end up paying out unnecessary costing for things that are within your coverage. While getting fleet insurance from the fleet insurance companies make sure that you are getting the best price available in the market.

Companies like Deliveroo means that almost everyone can become a delivery driver, whether you are using a car, a motorbike or a bicycle. Whatever is the process of your delivery, you need to keep in mind that you have the right insurance cover in place. Whether you are delivering pizza, Chinese, continental or even curry you need to choose the right insurance for your delivery company.

First of all, if you are planning to use your car for providing faster delivery service, then you must notify your current insurer. If your car is new, then new car insurance policy will be applied to it. In the case of fleet insurance, you need to insure all of the cars that you are using for delivery purposes. If you do not inform the fleet insurance companies, then it may lead to your policy is null and void. If you then any claim for the insurance that will be rejected instantly. As a result, you are going to face a significant loss in the future. This can easily be avoided if you inform the fleet insurance companies from whom you have taken the quote service and take necessary permissions. The car quote policy for the takeaway and the fast food delivery drivers is a lot different from the traditional car quote policies. As a food delivery vehicle, you might need to deliver foods at night generally on the urban and inner city roads; hence you need a special type of quote for your car. Again, the drivers of delivery vehicles are under pressure most of the time to be quick which can result in most risk on the road. For all of these, you either need to maintain the new car insurance policy or fleet quote policies from the fleet insurance companies.

If the delivery is done by motorbike, then just like the cars you need to inform about it to your current insurer for updating the level of coverage. As you are now delivering foods your circumstances have been changed a lot, you will be riding at night as well as ride in a rush. Your bike insurer needs to know these because specific policies come when you are using your vehicle for business purposes. A lot of people do not inform the insurance company about the motorbike being utilized for the business purpose and when they face an accident or any other problem both the regular and fleet insurance companies say that the coverage has been null as the individual did not inform them about the food delivery business.

Fleet indemnity is a must in case you have a food delivery organization. As you need to be on time, you always have to be in a rush hence, you should have indemnity for your drivers as well as the vehicles. Getting the indemnity is quite easy. You may choose from the large number o fleet indemnity companies available in your area by yourself or ask an indemnity broker. You are going to need some legal papers and information and you are done with the indemnity of the food delivery business.

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